Social Media

Today’s use of social media tools is fundamentally changing the way we communicate. We all expect to interact in real time and get information on demand. Employees have come to expect the same with benefits communications as they engage in health, wellness and financial decisions, but social media can seem like a maze. At BCI, we have everything you need to understand the value of social media for benefits communication and how to begin using it as a part of your overall communication strategy.

"With BCI’s electronic enrollment process the overall project time was shortened. Rather than spending time tracking down missing forms, the HR team was able to focus on updating internal records and getting new benefit materials to employees more quickly. "

-Bonnie O’Meara, Vice President-Human Resources


Qualifying Events
Qualifying Events

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Communications Prior to Health Care Exchanges/Marketplaces

​The existing enrollment process posed an administrative challenge for the HR staff due to the large enrollment volume. PPACA regulations forced major plan changes. And, due to the employer’s plan year effective date, it was the only time employees could enroll prior to the launch of state and federal exchanges/marketplaces.