Data Aggregation

BCI provides data aggregation platforms to help organizations transform volumes of health-related data into meaningful information. Most Human Resources teams struggle to manage data coming from multiple health plans, pharmacy benefits managers, third party administrators and other vendors, so they never fully understand where their health care dollars are being spent. We eliminate the administrative complexity required to collect, warehouse and maintain this type of data by giving you access to web-based applications that are easy to use and understand. By bringing together claims analysis, data warehousing, reporting, financial analysis, trending and forecasting, BCI helps you truly understand and control health care costs.

"We have had a very positive response regarding the benefits and the one-on-one meetings with the counselors at the new locations. Several employees stated that it was the best experience that they have had and that the counselors have been extremely helpful in ensuring that they are understanding our plans. All counselors have done an excellent job! We appreciate BCI's thoroughness and assistance during this process! "

-Michelle Figurski


Interactive Digital Booklet
Interactive Digital Booklet

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Dependent Eligibility Verification

Employer wanted to use a third party to perform the verification for several reasons:

  • Not enough HR staff to perform the process
  • Removing ineligible dependents could be viewed negatively by some employees
  • Employer’s records were a challenge from an accuracy perspective
  • Employer needed more data collected from their employee base – like beneficiaries, emergency contact information, etc.