Industry News

  • The Evolution of Employee Benefits Communication

    In a world of constant distraction, the barrage of emails and ever increasing social media chatter, employers are finding it harder than ever to connect with employees. See why when it comes to benefits, historical means of communication no longer cut it.

  • Six Ways to Apply Science and Smarts to Your Benefits Communication Strategy

    Daniel Pink, best-selling author of books around business, work and behavior shares successful real-world examples of his tactics applying psychology to create results. See how a change of perspective can liven up a benefit communications strategy.

  • Rules of Employee Engagement

    The question of how to engage employees is timely and highly important as employees are being asked to take greater accountability for their health and well-being. Discover how ongoing dialogue improves engagement.

  • Conventional Wisdom About Benefits Choice Can Be Wrong

    Conventional wisdom says people want the highest number of available choices when making a purchasing decision, and that the best way to share knowledge is to provide as many pieces of information as possible. See why experts say conventional wisdom may be misleading.

  • Five Ways Your Employee Communications Can Break Through the Noise

    Employees today are inundated with information from almost every direction. This poses a challenge for employers who need to get information through to their workforce. Check out these best practices to get above the noise and effectively reach your employees.

  • Enrollment Best Practices By Generation

    All three generational groups - baby boomers, Gen X and Gen Y (millennials) - suffer from lack of sufficient life insurance. The gap varies by generation, thus setting the stage for separate messaging. Check out the best methods for communicating with each group.

  • Benefits Communications Slowly Turning Around

    A recent study reveals that improving employees' understanding and perceived value of benefits was one of the top priorities of HR and benefits managers in 2013. Check out some of the strategies that helped managers achieve their benefit objectives.

  • Why Everyone Needs a Benefits Enrollment Advocate

    With many employers moving to an online self-service model, and with the rapid changes in the health care industry, now more than ever employees need help with their benefit selections. See how providing one-on-one support ensures a smoother enrollment in a variety of ways.

  • HR Benefits Education Efforts Fall Short

    More than two-thirds of employers only talk to their employees about benefits available to them during the enrollment period. See why this doesn't justify the time and money spent on developing a robust benefits package.

  • Education Heightens Employee Satisfaction with Benefits, Employers

    Employees are increasingly dissatisfied with their benefits, and therefore dissatisfied with their employers. However, recent Unum research finds employees who receive education about their employee benefits tend to be more satisfied with their benefits, and ultimately their employers. Continue reading for highlights of the survey results released this week.