Industry News

  • Four HR Tips for Open Enrollment

    As enrollment season approaches, it's crucial to communicate benefits-related changes to employees to keep them informed, motivated and engaged. Check out these four tips that can help you build a strategic communications campaign.

  • Employers Dropping Spousal Coverage

    As more employers are shifting to self-funded health plans, fewer are offering full or even partial spousal coverage as they redesign their benefits packages. Take a look at the latest trends due to the shifting health benefits landscape.

  • CDHP Coverage Increases Participant Cost Awareness

    Most Americans focus solely on the most basic costs of their health insurance - monthly premium and co-pays. But those who participate in a plan that requires them to engage in management of costs are much savvier about the true cost of health coverage. Check out some of the latest survey results.

  • IRS Sets 2016 HSA Limits

    The IRS quietly announced last week the maximum contribution that can be made next year to an HSA linked to a high-deductible plan for employees with family coverage. Take a look.

  • How to Sell a CDHP to Employees

    There's a big roadblock to CDHP adoption: rampant consumer confusion. Most employees aren't going move to a plan they don't understand. Take a look at these tips on how to communicate and sell a CDHP.

  • 10 Things Employers Think Make a Great Broker

    Employers want to make sure they've selected the right broker for evaluating, expanding and maintaining their benefit programs, particularly voluntary. Discover 10 common criteria employers look for when choosing a broker partner.

  • Five Things the Fastest-Growing Insurance Agencies Have in Common

    No two insurance agencies are alike, but there are traits that top performers have in common. Check out these five traits that stand out when evaluating the top performers.

  • Know Who's Receiving Benefits - And If They Should Be

    Controlling health care costs is important for every employer who offers employee benefits. Learn how conducting dependent eligibility audits can help employers curb expenses by ensuring those who are receiving benefits are entitled to them.

  • CDHP Transition Troublesome for Employers, Employees Alike

    For companies transitioning to a CDHP, the most important point to keep in mind is that the health plan a business adopts may not be as critical as how the business handles the transition to the plan. Consider some of the tactics in this article to effectively transition to a new plan.

  • Five Things Brokers Need to Worry About in 2015

    Now in the new year, brokers are faced with new opportunities as well as new challenges. Check out the top five trends brokers should be thinking about, and perhaps worrying over.