Industry News

  • The Future of Benefits Enrollment Technology

    Benefits enrollment is being significantly enhanced through the use of innovative approaches that incorporate new technologies. Whether it's helping employees make the right decisions or adopting new technology to meet ACA requirements or reduce the administrative burden, see what's ahead.

  • Google and Insurance: One Year Later

    The insurance industry is changing at a rapid pace, even faster than anticipated. Learn how outside industry influencers are changing the game and why insurers should expect a year of major disruption.

  • Considering New Benefits Technology to Boost Employee Experience

    Amid an evolving compliance landscape, new pressures to rein in costs and ongoing retention issues among job-hopping millenials, health care benefits technology has become an area of increasing importance for employers. Learn the four Cs managers should use to evaluate new technology.

  • Employers Hungry For Improved Enrollment, Communications Tools

    Many employers plan to increase their spending on technology next year. Discover why improving self-service enrollment and communication technology has become even more critical for employers.

  • The Doctor Will Click on You Now

    To cut medical costs and diagnose minor ailments, some health insurers are letting millions of patients get seen online first. While patients with time constraints like the idea, some doctors say they worry that online visits may have higher potential for wrong diagnosis. Check out the opposing sides.

  • Why HR Shouldn't Be Threatened by Benefits Admin Outsourcing

    Today's HR staff juggles a multitude of tasks that have been made even more complicated by the demands of the ACA. Read the top reasons many organizations are are outsourcing benefits administration.

  • Five Areas of Increasing IT Investment

    It looks like insurers are ready to embrace technology to achieve competitive advantage in 2014 as 87 percent of insurers have some level of innovation underway. While analytics and mobile are taking the top of the list, check out the other three rounding out the list.

  • Insurers Getting Faulty Data from U.S. Health Exchanges

    Insurers are getting faulty and incomplete data from the new U.S. - run health exchange, which means some Americans won’t be covered even after they sign up for an insurance plan. Industry consultants report insurers are receiving electronic files they can’t open or have so much missing information, they’re unusable. Continue reading to see why this problem may get worse as more people enroll through the exchange.

  • Top 5 Technology Investment Priorities For Insurers

    The twin needs for organic growth and expense reduction are driving insurance technology investment, new research from IVANS, Inc. indicates.

  • Helping HR Get Its Mojo Back

    The downswing in the economy over the last several years has hit HR personnel hard. A recent Aberdeen Group study shows that both line of business managers and even HR managers themselves see HR as less aligned with the strategic needs of their business and overly tactical in practice. So, you want to be a rising star and adviser? Then work with your HR clients and help them change this trend.