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  • MyRA Retirement Savings Plans Ready by End of 2014

    Obama's new savings plan is aimed at workers who don't have access to a 401(k) plan and have difficulty saving for retirement. The accounts, called MyRA, would be treated for tax purposes as Roth individual retirement accounts. Keep reading to get all the details.

  • Annual 401(k) Plan Education: Five Action Items for Participants

    Helping employees stay on the path to retirement readiness is crucial for your workforce. Consider sharing these five messages during annual employee education sessions to help employees maximize opportunities.

  • How Healthcare Spending May Derail Your Retirement

    No doubt you've read about the ability of unanticipated healthcare costs to decimate your retirement. We never think it will be us or a family member facing such misfortune. Now, a major research effort by AARP provides projections on the size of medical bills that may await you.

  • Adult Peer Pressure Could Help Boost Retirement Nest Eggs

    Even later in life, peer pressure has the ability to make people do things they might not do otherwise, like save more for retirement. A new consumer survey by the ING Retirement Research Institute found that more than half of all respondents said they would be motivated to save more for retirement if their nest eggs didn’t measure up to those of their peers.

  • Are HSAs the New 401(k) Plans?

    As health savings account account balances grow and become sizable assets for employees, they become a powerful - and increasingly necessary - financial planning tool. By saving $5,000 a year in an HSA at a modest 5% rate of return for 25 years before retiring, an employee will have more than the recommended $250,000 to cover retirement medical expenses.

  • Middle-Income Americans Saving Less than 5% for Retirement

    Two-thirds of middle-income Americans are saving less than 5% of their annual income for retirement with nearly a quarter saving nothing at all, according to research from LIMRA, an industry-funded research group.

  • 401(k) Participants Crave More Education

    According to the “Fourth Annual 2012 DC Participant Experience Study” by KK & Company and Greenwald & Associates, 401(k) participants would appreciate if their companies provided them with more analysis, solutions and a better understanding of the tools and guidance the plan provider has to help them optimize the use of their retirement plan.

  • Three New Standards for Successful Retirement Benefits Communication

    The recession brought on new challenges that changed what employees needed to hear about their benefits and what we could say about them—no longer were employers able to offer generous benefits, so what do we communicate now?

  • Here's How Gen Xers Sabotage Their Retirement

    Personal finance expert Carmen Wong Ulrich has been talking about money since she was a little girl growing up in Harlem, N.Y. and New Hampshire. Today, Wong Ulrich is a respected author, TV and print journalist, and the president of ALTA Wealth Management. She shared with us the biggest mistakes Gen Xers make on the road to retirement.

  • Solving the Millennial Retirement Mystery One Employer at a Time

    You can't throw numbers at Millennials. It just doesn't work, especially in trying to convince them to save for retirement. The focus is on the here and now.