Industry News

  • Voluntary Goes Mainstream

    Voluntary benefits are now front and center for many brokers. The Benefits Selling/Eastbridge Voluntary survey shows a steady increase in sales related to voluntary over the last three years. See how sales among the classic worksite brokers and employee benefit brokers compare.

  • On Board With Voluntary

    There's a strong demand among both employers and employees for voluntary products. Buying intentions are strong and the untapped market potential is vast. Take a look at how broker sales have changed over the last 15 years.

  • Top Five Voluntary Products by Sales (2014)

    Total voluntary/worksite sales had another strong year, jumping nearly 4 percent, new industry data shows. Check out the top five voluntary products and how each performed.

  • Disability: The Ultimate "Me Benefit"

    Millennial and Gen-X employees want lifestyle benefits that help them maintain their way of living. Read how disability should be emphasized as the ultimate lifestyle benefit, helping the 'me' generation understand how disability products are a 'must-have' to protect their income and way of living.

  • Top Voluntary Products by Generation

    The likelihood of using a benefit in the near future is the number one factor influencing someone's purchasing decision. Learn which benefits are the best fit for the differing life stages.

  • Busted: Seven Life Insurance Myths

    Myths are just that - myths - yet we continue to believe and repeat them. Review these seven life insurance myths as they're debunked and explained.

  • Will Aflac's One Day Pay Shake Up the Voluntary Industry?

    Aflac says it will now pay out certain voluntary benefit claims in one business day, an announcement that industry experts say will likely force competitors to follow suit. See how this could be an opportunity for brokers and employees.

  • Can Mid-Season Enrollment Increase Voluntary Benefits Participation?

    For some employees the value of voluntary benefits can be lost in translation during open enrollment. Due to this reason, mid-year voluntary enrollments are becoming more popular. See is this strategy is right for you.

  • Critical Illness Coverage 'Becoming a Standard Offering'

    Read why more employers are adding critical illness coverage to combat the rising out-of-pocket costs employees are facing today.

  • The Voluntary Sales Advantage

    Voluntary benefits are quickly becoming the key driver in benefit sales. And, unlike traditional employer-paid benefits, half of all voluntary sales are new coverages rather than takeovers. The market penetration estimates are worth noting - take a look.