Salaried Benefit Counselors

BCI Benefit Counselors work on a non-commissioned basis so employees feel no sales pressure during the enrollment process. Our goal is to provide a complete benefits education to each employee so they can make good choices in selecting the benefits package that best suits their needs. We take pride in the selection, evaluation and training of Benefit Counselors for every project. Training includes intensive product, benefit and systems education and all counselors are required to “test out” of training before beginning employee interviews. All BCI Benefit Counselors are licensed and appointed in all enrolling states.

"The Benefit Counselor did an excellent job with our open enrollment. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful with the enrollment process. All of the employees would like this to become a yearly process, as it was much more helpful to be able to have someone in person answer your questions."

-Operations Administrator


Qualifying Events
Qualifying Events

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Dependent Eligibility Verification

Employer wanted to use a third party to perform the verification for several reasons:

  • Not enough HR staff to perform the process
  • Removing ineligible dependents could be viewed negatively by some employees
  • Employer’s records were a challenge from an accuracy perspective
  • Employer needed more data collected from their employee base – like beneficiaries, emergency contact information, etc.