About Us

Benefit Communications Incorporated is the largest privately owned communication
and insurance enrollment specialists in the United States. We are considered a thought leader in our industry
and have maintained best in class quality metrics for more than 40 years.

As other service providers have struggled to evolve with changing market needs,
BCI has been a trendsetter with our ElectBenefits benefits administration platform.
Our main goal is to meet you where you need us and deliver a service
and experience second to none.

We have aligned our company values to reach our goals. Our values are aimed at helping you achieve your business’s objectives. Our main values include but are not limited to: Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility, and Effort.

BCI maintains leadership as one of our core values. We feel it is essential that we keep each other accountable. This is done through promoting leadership attitudes. This ensures the quality of our service remains consistent.

Integrity is critical to any business. That is why it is one of our primary values. Whenever we say something at BCI, we mean it. We are always going to give you an answer that is honest and fair,
so you can trust us when we give you our word.

At BCI, we believe that there is always more to learn. New obstacles to human resources and benefit administration present themselves continuously. Flexibility is a central BCI value because it is crucial to always be adapting to new challenges. We listen to all of our customers to continue to overcome the most common obstacles.

Hard work always pays off. At BCI, we always go the extra mile. We always make sure that all your human resource and benefits administration needs are covered. Effort is a value shared by all businesses, but it is given extra priority at BCI. We will always put in the extra effort to get you the solutions you need for your business.