We offer an enrollment approach to meet your needs. Use our proprietary SaaS platform, ElectBenefits, or we can layer on your existing platform to solve any product complexity challenges. In either case, our Expert Advisors are here to offer support or
facilitate a stand alone service.

Enrollment is never a one size fits all approach.

You and your employees have unique challenges and needs. BCI is positioned to address those needs today and as they evolve down the road. We offer our ElectBenefits Benefits Administration Enrollment platform as a best-in-class technology self-service solution.

In addition, we have 40+ years of experience providing onsite and call center Expert Advisor support during enrollment, with either our platform or your current provider. These services can be offered as stand alone or in conjunction with each other.


Solutions that meet
your needs.


Every company has unique challenges they are faced with year after year. We provide solutions that meet your evolving needs. ElectBenefits is designed to be your standalone BenAdmin platform or interface with your existing HRIS / HCM vendor. We can be system of record for all products or just any that you have challenges with. We can also support your approach with our Expert Advisors either in person or via our Call Center. In addition, we can support all HR outsource functions for annual enrollment, newly eligible, and ongoing.


Our engagement and educational approach to benefits enrollment leads to higher employee satisfaction. Employees who understand their benefits are 94% more likely to feel valued and appreciated. Our flexible approach, utilizing self-service and/or expert advisors, provides a better benefit experience and boosts employee engagement. Employees are more than 80% likely to be satisfied with the current job because of this approach.


ElectBenefits is purpose-built to collect, organize, display, and clean employee data. Time-consuming tasks like dependent verification and beneficiary management can be performed, reported, and shared in a single source alongside any additional data fields or needs required. There is a lot of data to be organized; let us take care of these obstacles.

Benefits Eliminate
Self-Service Enrollment Platform
Our platform, ElectBenefits, allows you to create a unique enrollment experience that empowers your employees and supports them with decision support tools, educational resources and the ability to personalize their benefits based on their unique needs. We’re here to help you build the best possible employee experience.
Expert Advisors

Not all our clients opt to utilize our in-house platform. Our salaried licensed Expert Advisors are there to be an extension of your HR team, not only during annual enrollment but year-round. We can enroll in your current system or our ElectBenefits platform. This can be done in person, via call center, over chat, or co-browsing. 

Benefits Streamline
Communications & Engagement
Connect year-round with your employees via email, text, or ringless voicemail depending on their or your preference. Deliver personalized and timely messages to specific employee groups or individual employees based on eligibility groups, enrollment status, status changes,
life events, and more.
Enrollment Self Service

Self Service

One of the many advantages of partnering with BCI is our proprietary enrollment platform, ElectBenefits. Our platform is built to replicate the personalized touch of an Expert Advisor interaction providing educational resources, decision tools, and voluntary benefits enrollment integrations. Every product can utilize a different personalized delivery and education experience to the employees. You can utilize these self-service options to give your employees greater understanding of their benefits plans. This empowers your employees and takes the burden off you.

Expert Advisors

Our Benefit Counselors work on a non-commissioned basis so your employees feel no sales pressure during the enrollment process. Our goal is to provide a complete benefits education to each employee so they can make good choices in selecting the benefits package that best suits their needs.

Enrollment Expert Advisors