Benefits Administration

Today’s benefits administrators have many responsibilities, from choosing their benefit providers and plans to educating their workforce on the benefits that are most meaningful to their families, helping them make the right decisions, and enrolling in the right plans.

Part of that responsibility includes making sure their providers have the correct benefit enrollment information and that their HCM systems are pulling the correct deductions. We provide customizable solutions to make all of these responsibilities easier and more efficient so you can focus on what truly matters – finding the right benefits to offer your employees.

10+ Years SOC 2 Compliant

BCI is audited annually to confirm that our data and operations practices meet the SOC 2 Type 2 guidelines outlined by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Solutions that meet
your needs.

ElectBenefits is highly configurable, offering the ability to support all of your core and voluntary benefit eligibility, business and provider rules, subsidies for wellness and tobacco cessation programs, and attributes within a single platform. Not only is the business setup configurable, but so are all of our data integrations, which means that setup time is short and your team can take advantage of the platform in record time.
BCI’s dashboards and advanced reporting options give you the data you need, right at your fingertips. The dashboards give you visibility into annual enrollment status and product usage in one view, so you know if your employees are enrolling on time and in the plans you are offering. Our reporting capabilities provide both standard reports and the ability to build your own custom reports with the data elements you care about the most. These reports can be scheduled or run on-demand to meet your data needs.
Ever wish you could easily send communications to your new hires or those who have recently had a life event? With the BCI communication tools, you can! Whether you need to send an email or a text to a subset of employees or your whole population, you can easily customize the wording and the timing of these messages to remind your employees of important benefits announcements or to-do items.
Today’s Human Resource teams play many roles for their organizations. The BCI Customer Success and HR Services support model ensures that you have a behind-the-scenes team that supports you and your employees through annual enrollment planning, on-going enrollment for new hires and life events, dependent verification, platform training for new features, and Quarterly Business Reviews to make sure the platform is meeting your business and data needs.
Benefits Streamline

COBRA laws and regulations are complex, vary by state, and often carry hefty fines if implemented incorrectly. Together with our COBRA partner, we take the guesswork out of COBRA notifications, elections, and benefit management, freeing up your time to focus on your active employees.


Have ACA eligible employees? BCI and our Affordable Care Act (ACA) partner can help you gather the data and satisfy reporting requirements for the federal ACA and state individual mandate regulations. We eliminate a time-intensive and possibly manual task to help you manage the risk of errors and costly penalties.

Benefits Eliminate

If you have a large population, you know that paying monthly insurance premiums per benefit can be a challenge. We have partnered with a consolidated billing provider to combine multiple transactions into a single invoice. This enables you to easily pay monthly premiums and reconcile the billing data against your HCM system’s deduction data for all your employees.

Pre-tax benefit options such as HSA, FSA, HRA, and Commuter benefits can lower your employees’ taxes, pay for their families’ healthcare, and even save for retirement. With our integrated financial account partner, we take the headache out of setup and administration of these accounts so you can offer a larger benefits program to address your employees’ needs.

Benefits Data Services

Data Services

BCI provides efficient processes for collecting, cleansing, reporting, and importing/exporting data. Our expert technology team ensures accurate data feeds are sent to customers’ HRIS, payroll systems, carriers and vendors on time. Data processes are customized to meet our customers’ specific formatting and frequency needs.

HR Services

Our experienced team of HR professionals serves as a centralized point of contact to help resolve benefit problems, answer enrollment questions, and respond to benefit inquiries by phone. We are a seamless extension of your team.

Benefits HR Services