Self Service Enrollment

BCI’s proprietary SaaS self-service enrollment platform ElectBenefits, constitutes a significant benefit to you and your ability to support your employees. Our platform allows you to customize your benefit offering the way it is intended to be delivered. This cloud based, single stack architecture allows you to be in complete control of how your employees experience annual enrollment and use their benefits year-round.

Self Service

Configured to achieve your strategy goals.

You and your employee’s needs continue to evolve
and our platform is designed to be the delivery tool you need.

Our approach simplifies enrollment and lets you and your employees better understand their benefits plan. Let us help simplify benefits.

Our dynamic configurable platform also reduces the implementation timeline from the standard 90-120 days down to as little as 4-6 weeks.
A platform born in the cloud has its advantages, we are using modern technology to serve the modern work force.

10+ Years SOC 2 Compliant

BCI is audited annually to confirm that our data and operations practices meet the SOC 2 Type 2 guidelines outlined by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).
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Self Service
Done Right

ElectBenefits is the streamlined enrollment experience that your employees want. They can enroll from any device at their convenience and feel fully supported by the embedded tools and resources designed to provide a deeper
benefit education.

Benefits Time

Support Tools

Integrated, thoughtful Decision Support tools support the enrollment experience through engagement, education, and interactive resources that provide a deeper understanding of the benefits being offered.
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When employees don’t understand how their benefits work, they are more likely to suffer a negative impact. We work closely with you to deliver a strong client-focused communication campaign that helps employees better understand and appreciate their benefits.

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Year Round

ElectBenefits is available 24/7 with no downtime for updates or code deployment. You never have to worry about an update or a patch impacting your annual enrollment or your employee’s
ability to utilize the
platform during the year.

Support During Annual Enrollment and Year Round

ElectBenefits delivers a best-in-class user experience that supports your team year-round. We empower your people to choose and use their benefits.
If they have questions throughout the year, we’re here to help with that as well.

Also, our mobile responsive platform allows your employees to enroll via smart phone, tablet, web or even game console.
Our aim is to always meet you where you need us.

Our end to end solution also offers services you’d expect in a full benefits administration platform including but not limited to ACA tracking and fulfillment, COBRA, Direct Bill, Consolidated Billing and Reconciliation, Account Products, Advocacy, Transparency and Cost & Quality support.

Ready to empower your
company and employees?