In-Person Enrollment

There are times when face-to-face enrollments are preferred over a phone call. BCI’s expert benefit counselors also travel on-site to provide enrollment services. This “high-touch” approach delivers the same experience of call center enrollments with the added benefit of our most flexible scheduling options. On-site enrollments best accommodate manufacturing, healthcare, and organizations with highly concentrated, centralized locations with varied shift-schedule challenges and production occupancy concerns.  This is also the perfect solution when your employees just need that in-person touch from your leadership team. 


In Person Expert Advisor Enrollment

No communication method can match the human connection that comes from a face-to-face meeting.

Face-to-face interaction is usually the strongest form of communication. So, we keep a team of expert benefit counselors on hand that travel on-site to provide people with a personal enrollment experience. This “high-touch” communication system has been effective for more than 40 years! If face-to-face is your preferred method of communication,
then we will meet that need for you.
We work at lightening speed to help save you time and money.

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