• We See Beyond the Horizon

    We See Beyond the Horizon

    See how BCI enrollment strategies improve efficiency. We save our customers both time and money.

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  • Experience is the Best Guide

    Experience is the Best Guide

    Explore why BCI communications improve consumer engagement. We have communicated to more than 5.5 million consumers.

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  • Data Management Never Sleeps

    Data Management Never Sleeps

    Investigate what BCI innovative technologies can do for you. We design custom interfaces to maximize flexibility and data flow.

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  • Connecting with Human Capital

    Connecting with Human Capital

    Discover how BCI staffing performs as an extension of Human Resources. We train and track quality specifically to meet customer needs.

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  • Grounded with More Than 30 Years of Experience

    Grounded with More Than 30 Years of Experience

    Find out how our people and processes make us the top quality player in benefit communications and enrollment. We take pride in building the most effective solutions for our customers.

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Recent Industry News


  • Conventional Wisdom About Benefits Choice Can Be Wrong

    Conventional wisdom says people want the highest number of available choices when making a purchasing decision, and that the best way to share knowledge is to provide as many pieces of information as possible. See why experts say conventional wisdom may be misleading.

  • Private Exchanges Will Shift Status Quo

    There is little question that private exchanges are transforming the industry and providing new opportunities for employers and carrier alike. Learn how this new distribution channel offers unique opportunities to change the status quo.