• We See Beyond the Horizon

    We See Beyond the Horizon

    See how BCI enrollment strategies improve efficiency. We save our customers both time and money.

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  • Experience is the Best Guide

    Experience is the Best Guide

    Explore why BCI communications improve consumer engagement. We have communicated to more than 5.5 million consumers.

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  • Data Management Never Sleeps

    Data Management Never Sleeps

    Investigate what BCI innovative technologies can do for you. We design custom interfaces to maximize flexibility and data flow.

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  • Connecting with Human Capital

    Connecting with Human Capital

    Discover how BCI staffing performs as an extension of Human Resources. We train and track quality specifically to meet customer needs.

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  • Grounded with More Than 30 Years of Experience

    Grounded with More Than 30 Years of Experience

    Find out how our people and processes make us the top quality player in benefit communications and enrollment. We take pride in building the most effective solutions for our customers.

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Recent Industry News


  • Education Heightens Employee Satisfaction with Benefits, Employers

    Employees are increasingly dissatisfied with their benefits, and therefore dissatisfied with their employers. However, recent Unum research finds employees who receive education about their employee benefits tend to be more satisfied with their benefits, and ultimately their employers. Continue reading for highlights of the survey results released this week.

  • Subsidy Ruling Could Further Delay Employer Mandate

    Two court rulings issued this week taking opposing views on the legality of subsidies granted to individuals who enroll in the public health care exchanges have the potential to further delay the employer mandate. See what the legal experts have to say.

  • The Doctor Will Click on You Now

    To cut medical costs and diagnose minor ailments, some health insurers are letting millions of patients get seen online first. While patients with time constraints like the idea, some doctors say they worry that online visits may have higher potential for wrong diagnosis. Check out the opposing sides.

  • Financial Health a Missing Wellness Piece

    A new survey from Consumer Affairs says money worries have become a significant distraction for employees during work hours. Not Facebook, not chain emails, not weight loss - worries about money. See how those worries can be a huge drain on employee productivity.

  • Controlling Benefit Costs Is Top Concern For Employers

    Two of the biggest challenges for employers are the need to control costs while attracting and retaining a competitive workforce, reveals the latest Benefits Strategy and Benchmarking Survey. Learn employers' strategies for accomplishing these objectives.